Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a map of the campground?

As we are new and still growing, some map items are still in process as we work to finish everything! Please call (607)-444-3144 for more details.

What are your prices?

Our prices vary depending on time of year, site type and location, occupancy, holidays, and more. For real-time up to date pricing, please click below.

What Attractions/Activities are included in my stay?

We try to be a very all-inclusive experience, however, there are a few attractions/activities that are an additional cost. If you look at our attractions page, anything with a ($) symbol is available to purchase at our Ranger Station.

I have a big rig, what is an easy way to get to camp?

From Route 17 take Exit 66 and follow Route 17C to Glendale Dr and Leona Ave. At the end of Leona take a left on Day Hollow Rd. Take the first right turn onto Boswell Hill Rd and proceed approximately 2.5 miles up the hill to Binghamton Jellystone Park.

When are water activities open?

Water activities, including the beach, swimming, and floating obstacle course, are open Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend!

Do you require life jackets/water shoes?

Life jackets are required in the swimming area for minors. Life jackets are required for everyone participating in water sports such as: kayaks, paddle boards, row boats, pedal boats, and all floating obstacle course pieces. We suggest water shoes for all lake activities (except for the floating obstacle course where water shoes are not permitted.) You can wear water shoes in the swimming area of the lake and while enjoying any of our boating activities.

Is there anything I need to know about Splashdown Floating Obstacle Course?

  • Risk of drowning – Participate/swim at your own risk
  • No users under 5 years old
  • Do not dive headfirst
  • Do not flip off of Splashtown Pieces
  • Do not enter if water is not clear of other users
  • Do not climb or swim below other users
  • Do not overload any single item
  • Do not swim underneath any item
  • Do not use when under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Do not use when lifeguard is not on duty
  • No pushing or rough play
  • Always wear a PFD (DEPENDS on local regulations)
  • Minimum height – 4’0” (122cm)
  • Maximum height – 6’11” (213cm)
  • Parental supervision required
  • Always slide/enter the water feet first
  • Always use caution
  • Always be aware and considerate of other users
  • Always give smaller children the right of way

Can I fish or boat in the lake?

Fishing is allowed in the lake without a permit. It is catch and release only. Manual boating is allowed in the lake however, no motors are allowed. Kayaks, row boats, pedal boats, and paddle boards are available for use included with your stay! Please check out the oars in the Ranger Station!

What is the lake like?

Our 6-acre lake is a living ecosystem, full of fun, fish, frogs, and many other living organisms. It is a real lake and therefore has a mud bottom! Although the lake is full of fun, we suggest that those uncomfortable with not being able to see the bottom, unknown swimming friends around them, or sensitivity to the bottom terrain find water fun in our kayaks, boats, or planned out-of-lake activities! We want everyone to have a great time no matter their comfort level with lake swimming!